14/09/2020 - 16/10/2020
Liuyeow(Yao Liu)
Damaris Büchner,
Edna Hirsbrunner


A fifth of our greenhouse gas emissions are caused by our eating habits, so changing those could have a huge impact on the climate crisis. The App connACT takes these factors into account and offers a platform to take the initial step on changing your eating habit while exchanging, having fun with your fellows and inspiring each other to maintain the encouragement.

Design Process

How much do we know about the energy we use every day?
And how much do we know about the energy we waste every day?
Which decisions would we make differently if we knew something about it?
How can we use AR technology on smart phones to educate?

The aim for this project is to develop an AR application for the smart phone to make people aware of energy and energy consumption.

Research process - My contributions - Design Concept

Who are the users?

After several brainstorming sessions, we developed some rough ideas related to different directions of sustainability. According to our interests, we voted for four ideas and keep developing on them. For each, we came up with a Persona and some sketches of the UI. In the end, my idea "Green Challenge" - an app that encouraging Peer-exchange about sustainable habits, forming teams, and take a challenge together, received the most of the votes. Therefore, I take charge of developing the user personas.


According to the research results, we created three personas to help us understand the user flow of the product better:

- Nora Boras, 24 years old politically-engaged university student;

- Zach Weber, 18 years old gymnasiast who is into game design;

- Roland Henzi, 48 years old businessman that wants to change his life and workplace towards a sustainable way.

Following each persona, we then designed corresponding wireframes for different user needs and user flows.

Prototype process - My contributions - Features Development

How do we keep the user motivated to track their eating habits every day?

With the question in mind, we developed the key feature of the app - Challenge Pack, which requires users to take the challenge together with their fellows and keep tracking each other's updates towards the team achievement in the end. Moreover, with the requirement of equipping AR function inside, we determined to implement AR function as one part of the challenge pack and used it in an educational manner.


When users log in to their personal profile, they could simply discover their friends' list, which those friends who did the most "challenges" together with them will be shown on the top. Of course, users could check their challenge lists as well to discover the state of those challenges, and operate them. The award of achieving each challenge will be presented as different "collections", which are stored inside of collection lists. Users' personal impacts are displayed on their profile page too.
Based on different personas, we designed different user flows as well.

AR illustration & animation

With an educational purpose, we intend to use AR as a tool to raise awareness, more than that, we want users to get a holistic picture of what they are eating in a sustainable context.

Evaluate process - My contributions - User Testing

What knowledges do users want to know about their food?

Coincide with the sustainable food knowledge research, we summarized several catagories for the AR display. We did two terms of user tests for the factors of “Fields of Interests; information content” and “Info Bits; information length”. I conducted the user test sessions of "Field of Interests".

Fields of Interests

During the “Fields of Interests; information content” user test sessions, we gave users nine categorie-titles based on our research on Post It’s, and asked them to pick 3-4 topics up which draws their attention and interest most.

Our user test sessions was set up around a Banana, but the feedback from users are reflected on different foods. Apparently, they have different requirements regarding sustainable knowledge. (e.g. They are interested in the seasonality of bananas but not into the same for apples).

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