I’m Liuyeow, an interaction designer.
As an interaction designer, I am passionate about how people as complex organisms interact with every element of their surroundings naturally, as well as exploring the better possibilities of human-machine relationships.
I am committed to incorporating historical, political, and social factors into my designs. How can we break out of the existing frameworks and the boundaries of interaction design in order to reveal the complicated and intertwined reality? This is an area that I am intrigued by and strive to contribute to as an interaction designer.

Spectra is an online publishing engine that requires a fresh, innovative design and a brand identity that aligns better with the product. The goals of this re-branding project for Spectra are to enhance user experience, establish a distinct brand identity, improve visual appeal, optimize lead generation, and ensure mobile responsiveness. As the lead product designer, my task is to successfully achieve these objectives, positioning Spectra to attract more customers and generate increased leads.

FORA is an outcome of a Service Design project developed by me and two colleagues. It offers a moderated, peer group learning service. Peer groups are formed by matching students together who have used reMark to highlight similar parts of a specific lecture. Students can easily connect with others, exchange knowledge, share discussions, and learn from each other.
With FORA, you can bring the university experience to your remote learning environment.

Treevement is a Data Visualisation project I've done in collaboration with ETH ZÜRICH | Crowther Lab together with 4 colleagues. As an outcome, it allows users to experience the potential of global reforestation in the fight against climate change with an interactive touch display as the media. Using tracking objects, users can explore how a lack of action will negatively impact the climate and the world’s ecosystems. In addition, users can plant trees in a mini-time trial game to better understand their individual impact.

As the lead product designer for AVA.X, a Swiss-made AI detection product, my primary responsibility is to ensure that all design and marketing materials are in perfect alignment with the product's identity. Given the need for a re-branding, my objective is to develop an innovative solution that not only revitalizes the product but also generates more leads and attracts a larger customer base through the landing page.

PotGi is a Plant-centered speculative design project. It's a digital device that supports an interspecies communication system and allows domesticated plants to interact with one another. Through this project, we want to discuss whether there are other ways of design thinking instead of human-centered design.

Mesh — is a haptic installation meant to make tangible the invisible connections between people. More specifically, how we influence each other, consciously or unconsciously, and even depend on one another.

Dandelion Method is a proposed design method that fuses intersectional feminist values into daily and tangible design habits. It's my BA project and nominated for the ZHdK Förderpreiz 2021.